Did you know you can import and export recipes via BeerXML?

BeerXML is a standard XML format that is somewhat stuck at version 1.0. Work on version 2.0 has been underway for well over two years, but has yet to be concluded or ratified. In the interim, iBrewMaster implemented support for BeerXML version 1.0. However, it should be noted that iBrewmaster supports many features that the BeerXML standard simply doesn’t. One such example is that BeerXML supports only 3 fermentation steps, while iBrewMaster supports an unlimited number. For this reason, you may find some discrepancies between your data imports and exports when using BeerXML file formats, however many users asked for the functionality, so we figured 90-90% importation was better than 0%! Just double check you imports and exports when doing so between different applications. Your data may require some tweaking.

It is very important that you utilize the Export / Import iBrewMaster Recipe / Batch functions when transferring recipes and batches between devices running iBrewMaster. This XML format supports all the features and functionalities built within iBrewMaster!

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